Welcome to American Armature! 

Need a motor fixed? We're easy to find!

15 Fort Monroe Ind. Pkwy. 419-465-2892

We repair all sorts of equipment: AC / DC Motors, Gearboxes, Pumps, Vertical Turbines, and More!

Farmers Welcome! 

We also specialize in smaller motor and single phase repair!

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Welcome to American Armature. 

Industrial electrical apparatus repair specialists.

We specialize in the recondition of many industrial apparatus; from rural farm applications to the gears of factory and production applications, we always provide a reliable product.

What can we fix?

Gearboxes, industrial pumps, rotary phase converters, and of course, AC and DC electric motors.

Just to name a few.

and if we can't fix it, we can surely quote you a replacement at a very competitive price!


Our experience in the repair business allows us to stand out in both quality and pride. 

Our technicians will be sure to cover all the bases with your equipment. We can also provide photo documentation and test results every step of the way!